Root canal treatment  Molars                                             800.00

Root canal treatment  Premolars                                        800.00

Root canal treatment  Incisors/canines                               800.00


Consultation  Single tooth                                                    100.00

Consultation  Two teeth                                                       125.00

Consultation  Three or more teeth                                       150.00


Additional/other items

Post removal                                                                     200.00-250.00

Separated instrument removal                                          200.00-250.00

Perforation repair                                                              200.00-250.00

Post and core (prefabricated or cast gold)                     from 250.00

Endodontic microsurgery will be quoted after initial consultation. Apicectomy from 600.00

Payment can be made by credit/debit card, cheque or cash. An interest free credit facility is available on request.