Current Fee List 2016

Root canal treatment  Molars                                             800.00

Root canal treatment  Premolars                                        800.00

Root canal treatment  Incisors/canines                               800.00

The above fees do not include post removal, separated instrument removal or perforation repair. Should any of these items be required during treatment, please see fees for additional/other items below.

Consultation  Single tooth                                                   100.00

Consultation  Two teeth                                                      125.00

Consultation  Three or more teeth                                      150.00

Consultation fees are included in the treatment fee where treatment is to be undertaken at the same visit unless a separate consultation appointment is required. However, should a treatment appointment be made and no treatment be carried out at that visit, then a consultation fee would be charged

Guidelines for a separate pre-operative consultation:-

  • Questionable restorability
  • Diagnostic issues
  • Bridge retainer and or post present
  • Separated instrument present
  • Perforation present
  • Surgery

Additional/other items

Post removal                                                                     200.00-250.00

Separated instrument removal                                          200.00-250.00

Perforation repair                                                              200.00-250.00

Nayyar bonded amalgam core                                     from 150.00

Post and core (prefabricated or cast gold)                     from 250.00

Endodontic microsurgery will be quoted after initial consultation. Apicectomy from 600.00

Unusually complex diagnostic cases involving multiple quadrants, extensive radiography and pulp testing will incur an increased consultation fee to reflect the time involved.

Any further items if required can be quoted on request.